KB Media Production LLC. started its humble beginnings in South Carolina when founded by Christopher Kelly in 2019, offering Event Photography including photobooth and Video services to corporate companies and smaller individual events. By 2020, the company started offering Audio services and rentals. In addition, KB Media Productions LLC. Started offering Live streaming and Live recording services for concerts, events, and seminars. With high session demand from companies, KB Media also Contracted services from other individuals in other states to fulfil client needs. In 2023 we’ve decided to add DJ Services to our lineup to give clients a much better experience.

Today, the business has evolved into a full-service production company serving national and soon to be international clients from the South Carolina office.

To date, KB Media Productions LLC has provided and experience for many well-known companies around the world. The company continues to strive to be cutting edge adapting in the ever-advancing industry. Our team is a collective of media production professionals with years of experience.